Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in the UAE

Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer in the UAE

If you happen to be travelling in the UAE, it’s not just your itinerary that you have to worry about. The mesmerizing landscape in Dubai also follows a strict code of conduct and adherence of rules, to which visitors and non natives are not exceptions to. While in Dubai, you need to be extra vigilant of your etiquettes and manners, especially in public.

If in case you are ever charged with a crime in the UAE, regardless of whether you are innocent or not, find a good criminal defense lawyer immediately. You can try to explain to the authorities your situation, but do not rely on their goodwill or understanding to deal with the mess.

When you hire a criminal lawyer in Dubai, do not try to cheap out in the situation as it’s a very serious and fragile matter that requires a seasoned pro. Try and find a good attorney with full fledged legal experience, as such a person will have a better chance of having acquaintance with all district attorneys and judges, and will have a better idea of how to represent you in front of them.

In case you are finding the best lawyers in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, look for professionals with an entourage. The legal procedure is a complex mechanism that involves countless little formalities to be completed.Any good established lawyer will have a team for petty works like research and document filing etc. Having a team raises the chances of success of a lawyer, which eventually means, success for you.

The Police in the UAE is very intolerant and do not care for complete verification of facts before arresting a person. It is a real possibility that you be put behind bars for a trivial thing, without so much as a chance for explanation. Therefore, you need an efficient and smart lawyer.

If you decide to hire a criminal lawyer in Dubai, the first thing you need to do is discuss the payment. Many people get apprehensive of hefty lawyer fees, many a times avoiding hiring a lawyer because of that. But people in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are usually kind and considerate. Often times they make an economic payment plan that won’t strain your budget too much. It is advisable to do the negotiations beforehand to avoid problems and stress later.

If the attorney that you have finally hired is in fact a good one, then you should always listen to every instruction they give. Their knowledge of the legalities as well as the judge and the prosecutor gives them the skill to devise a good strategy for your defense. Therefore, it is important to pay heed to your lawyer and do as he says.

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