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Are you generating proper invoices for your clients?

A new Taxation policy in the UAE implemented since January 2018, that requires all businesses to maintain up-to-date VAT records.
Failure to do so, according to the revised policy, will result in a penalty.

At Bright Brain International Accounting, our objective is to relieve you of this complex task and make things easier.We can help you meet your VAT obligations and maintaining your books optimally.

A new Taxation policy in the UAE has been implemented since January 2018 that requires all businesses to maintain proper VAT records. Failure to do so, according to the revised policy, will result in a penalty. Our objective is to relieve you of this complex task and make things easier.

By closely monitoring your business, we evaluate your eligibility for VAT registration and fulfill procedure for the same.

We are passionate CPAs with a knack for extremely complex cases. We strategize to minimize obligations and increase accuracy.

We have an impressive, collective experience in Auditing, Accounting, Tax and ERP Solutions. A perfect blend of core financial expertise, innovative thinking and advanced IT skills is our recipe for efficiency. Our consultants go above and beyond to make sure all your goals are achieved.

Our in-depth knowledge of tax laws helps us in providing expert advice to the taxpayer; we are in the development stage of a lifelong tax strategy which will enable permanent tax savings.

Maneuvering the legal framework in a legitimate and rational way to save the money of the taxpayer is our sole focus. Being associated with Bright Brain International Accounting and Bookkeeping is synonymous with knowing that your business is under a careful eye. To the worries of penalties and tax evasion accusations, you can bid adieu.

Our Services

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We monitor transactions and maintain accounts for you, so you do what you do best: ideate and Innovate

VAT and Tax Consultancy

We specialize in managing time-consuming VAT procedures and bringing you transparency in tax laws.

VAT Audit Assistance

We make sure that our clients get a preliminary understanding of the steps involved in VAT audits to strengthen their tax knowledge.

Internal and External Audit Consultancy

Our services are not limited as just in-house audit consultancy; we also provide auditing services as external agents to various organizations.

Accounting Software ERP Solutions

Our team of expert professionals have an in-depth knowledge of Accounting Software and ERP, which helps us in understanding core processes in any business, and helps us in optimizing operations.

Payroll Management

We understand complex payroll mechanisms and provide payroll management services exclusively catered to the specifications of the organization.

Our Values

  • Constant Innovation & Process Improvements: Our in-depth knowledge of ERP and accounting software’s adds on to a vast repository of insightful knowledge, that, in turn, guides us in bringing up new and unique ideas every day.
  • Deep domain knowledge in diverse fields: We boast of a vast repository of knowledge that expands every day, owing to a vast clientele traversing various sectors and industries.
  • Practical & Professional Outlook: We firmly believe in a direct but cordial, productive but reasonable and practical but professional outlook.
  • Constant Availability: We believe in being there for our clients always, no matter what, through thick and thin, so as to build a strong foundation of support and trust.
  • Infrastructure: We believe in building a strong and supportive work environment by continuous improvement of infrastructure and technology
  • Excellent camaraderie with customers: Customer is the first and foremost asset for Bright Brain International. Therefore, all our processes are directed towards enhancing and securing this asset.
  • Dependability: Our motto is to constantly deliver, above and beyond what was promised, as we firmly believe that it is the only thing that ensures the growth of the organization through excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Business confidentiality: We maintain a strict code of business conduct, which dictates all client business be handled with the utmost sincerity and discretion.