Cut Corners Easily In Costly Divorce Cases

Cut Corners Easily In Costly Divorce Cases

Getting a divorce in the UAE can be an expensive affair. In many instances, divorce lawyers in UAE have become infamous for having sucked up a lot of money of the clients, leaving their financial disposition in turmoil. This kind of situation is inevitable in cases where there is some kind of conflict between the parties, or property, or child custody is involved. But in amicable divorce cases with no complications, one can easily reduce their divorce costs. Of course, that requires a combination of proper research, smart thinking and cutting corners.

  • Dig around for the right attorney

To find a good and reasonably priced divorce lawyer in UAE is not impossible. All you have to do is search thoroughly for a divorce lawyer who falls within your price range.

  • Be creative to cut your lawyer fees

Many a times divorce lawyers are willing to cut costs themselves considering the affordability of clients. They may have payment plans which enable reduction of overall fees or distribution of the payment of fees over a period of time.

Some attorneys also agree to work in a limited scope for a certain client. For example, a divorce lawyer may help out a client by representing his case for a limited time, such as representing them in one case and then end it. In other case, they may only help the client by way of consultation, or assistance in case filing and other processes, without appearing in court.

You have to fish out flexible lawyers like these, and find out their scope of easing financial burden.

  • Reduce your filing fees

Another avenue of cutting corners in divorce cases is the filing fees. If you’re the one filing the case in court, and it does not involve a large amount of property or children, you can get the filing fee waived off. By submitting a written affidavit in the court explaining your financial condition, a judge reviews the petition and your filing fee can be waived off. It is better to consult your local courthouse for this. For simple divorces, without children or a large amount of property, you can usually fill out the petition yourself. This can save you from paying attorney fees.

  • Keep things amicable

The longer and complicated a divorce case is, the more expensive it becomes. Usually divorce cases that are ugly and long drawn are the ones that tend to stretch unnecessarily. But if you end the marriage on peaceful terms, without a lot of fights, the case would not incur a lot of cost.

It’s best to work out the details of your divorce as amicably as possible with your spouse. This will not only help out in lowering the costs of your divorce, but will also ensure your own peace of mind.

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